A Fragrance for Any Occasion

The other day I was at work in a deep squat position, tidying up some perfume bottles when one of the girls I work with approached me. Jenna looked very serious when she said firmly, “You said something to me the other day that really resonated with me.” To be honest, I was slightly nervous as to what she was going to say next. Jenna is a no nonsense kind of woman with a lot of sass. Hesitantly, I replied with a calm “Oh, really? And what was that?” As it turns out, she had loved one of my personal beauty rules and had decided to apply it to her own life. The advice? Every one should have a fragrance wardrobe.

Your first fragrance in your wardrobe will be something you absolutely love to wear EVERY DAY. This does not mean you will wear it every day but, it should be something you won’t get sick of wearing regularly. I call this fragrance my signature scent and I believe every woman should have one.

Next, you need to have a scent for night. You know those nights when you go out dancing with your best friends or have drinks with that special (or not so special) someone on Saturday night. Think sensual, deep scents that will get you noticed.

Finally, you’ll want to throw a wildcard into the mix to keep things interesting. It can get monotonous wearing the same old thing day in and day out. Once a week or whenever the mood strikes you, throw on your wildcard fragrance. Go for something you love but is outside your comfort zone!

Once you’ve got the basics you can keep on building, just like you would with a wardrobe of clothing. The sky is the limit!

My fragrance wardrobe:

  • Dior, J’adore is my signature scent
  • YSL ,Black Opium is my night scent
  • Marc Jacobs, Decadence is my wildcard

I told you mine, now you tell me yours. Which fragrances will you have in your wardrobe?


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