Want to look flawless? Here’s the step you’re missing.

Wear two primers. Some of you are probably thinking “What? I just figured out what primer IS and now you want me to wear two!” Yes, yes, I do. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to primers. For example, you might have combination skin. One primer is not going to leave you hydrated and matte in the right places. Primer is meant to not only lengthen the wear of your makeup but it’s a prep step to create a flawless canvass.

It’s a wasted step if it only does half the job.

I gave you a surefire way to banish blackheads forever which, you can read here if you missed it. While that routine will keep you blackhead free and glowing, nothing gets rid of pores. They are a fact of life. Some are big, some are small but, they will always be there. The natural inclination is to reach for a mattifying or pore filling primer.  Great, but you can do better!


Instead of using the matte primer all over your face simply apply it to the areas you where have enlarged pores and/or oiliness. Often times, this will be the cheeks and nose. Finish with a hydrating or illuminating primer on the dryer areas of your face or on the forehead, outer cheek area, chin, any place you want to glow. This will give you a radiant glow without ending up shiny. No highlighter necessary!

My go-to’s:

  • Becca, Backlit Priming Filter or First Light Primer
  • Tarte, Timeless Smoothing Primer

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