Aging with Grace

In a world that is obsessed with beauty and looking young it’s easy to get caught up in all of that hype. We are constantly bombarded with the concept that being young is beautiful and wrinkles (along with other signs of age) are a bad thing and should be fought with a vengeance.

What if we *gasp* embraced beauty at every age and accepted our wrinkles and grey hair?

This of course, is not a concept I am used to practicing or even thinking. I am a woman who has been coloring her hair for years partly for the fun in changing things up and partly to cover all of my pesky grays. In my defense, I was blessed with platinum silver highlights at the ripe age of 19. I also am a woman who has been so aware of aging that I started wearing wrinkle cream at age 17. For the record, if you DO want to stay youthful for many years to come starting early is extremely helpful.

My mother is coming up on her 5oth birthday this year and like many women her age, her skin has changed a bit and she needed a new skincare regimen. She turned to her darling daughter for guidance and I assumed that her number one priority would be anti-aging.


It was a complete shock when I dug a little deeper with her and she said, “I look pretty good for my age. So, I just want to maintain during the aging process…” I am so used to women focusing mostly on anti aging that it never crossed my mind that she would care about anything else as much as looking as young as possible. After all, isn’t that what we are force fed day in and day out when we see all the glossy magazines and TV ads? Younger is better, right? Maybe not.


It didn’t take long for the initial shock to wear off because inspiration took over. Here is a woman who is facing an age that many women dread and yet, she was content. Happy even. And just like that, I got it.

It isn’t about trying to look twenty it’s about good skin. Like my mother, many of us are no longer in our twenties anymore but that doesn’t mean we can’t take care of the skin we have now. It was an inspiring moment that perhaps, wasn’t meant to be. The idea that we might love ourselves in our own skin and simply take care of that skin instead of believing all of the hype. And when you think about it wrinkles are kind of nice. They are evidence of a long happy life with lots of laughter.

Who knew that a person could actually age gracefully and feel beautiful doing it… that is beauty.


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