About Me

attach51508_20160817_203344Warning! This is not your typical beauty blog! As you may quickly notice I proudly wear the label: FEMINIST. I tend to write about women’s issues and beauty culture. I do throw in some how-to’s for the regular women out there who don’t have time or simply don’t like to do a full face of makeup. On occasion, you will also find pieces about dating typically, as it relates to women in our culture today.

Belle and the Brush initially was a business website for my makeup company in Chicago that had a blog attached to it. This year I moved to Colorado and had to start over in a city that is not exactly the mecca for makeup artistry. My credentials don’t work out here and I don’t feel like going back to school. I do still love writing and so, I kept the blog. I still work in cosmetics just in a different capacity. And let me tell you first hand that Colorado gals are WAY different than Chicago gals. They take the word natural to a whole other level! It makes doing makeup really fun and really interesting!




I guess you could say, I’m a city girl trying to fit into a Colorado world.

Wish me luck!