How I quit running, ate a cheeseburger and lost 15 lbs.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘You must be one of those people who is naturally skinny so you can eat whatever you want and never exercise.’ I WISH!

When I turned 30 I was already a big health nut but I also became vegetarian for both health and environmental reasons. I also loved to run. I even competed in a few local races. The city is a great place to maintain an active lifestyle because I don’t need to drive so, I walk more than the average American. Turning 30 also proved that whole getting older and fatter thing that people warned me about. I was granted with the infinite wisdom of the universe but was also cursed with an even slower metabolism seemingly, over night.

Now, I am not a person of great stature. I’m am quite short so, 15 lbs. was quite a lot to put on in a short time. I knew something had to change before it became 30 lbs and then 60 lbs. I remember thinking how it sucked being 30 because now I had to work twice as hard to maintain the same results of being in my 20’s. Life is so unfair.


At my brother’s wedding in Spring 2015

“I believe this was a major component to my success in really becoming my most fit self.”

Did I really quit running? Yes! The only time I run anymore is to catch a bus. I have always had a love/hate relationship with running and I ultimately landed on hate. Even when I would run and enjoy it, I always dreaded doing it. That is not exactly the exemplary way to weight loss success. You have to enjoy whatever you are doing or you won’t stick with it. I love bicycling! I was already a regular bicyclist so, I use that for my daily cardio. In the bad weather I started doing cycling classes which, turned out to be really fun! I also found a love for weight lifting. I believe this was a major component to my success in really becoming my most fit self. It helps you on so many levels! I felt stronger, I looked leaner and my other activities were easier to do. It also just made me feel like a bad ass.


At my aunt’s wedding Summer 2016

Did I really eat a cheeseburger? Um, to be honest… I’ve had quite a few cheeseburgers. They are probably my favorite food. After a year of vegetarianism I had a craving for meat and I indulged. I never looked back. Do I eat a burger every day? No, that’s ridiculous. I do eat at least one a month though (probably two if I’m being honest). I really, really love cheeseburgers. I genuinely believe that eating meat again helped me to lose weight because protein is especially filling so, I was eating less overall. On a regular day I’m typically eating something healthy but I do like to indulge here and there to keep myself happy and sane. Who wants to be thin and miserable anyway? 

Did you notice a difference in your metabolism or other changes in your body once you turned 30?